Miracle at midnight

Plot[ edit ] Set in Denmark during SeptemberMiracle at Midnight is a dramatization of the true story of the Danish rescue of Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps. As Chief Surgeon of Christiana Hospital, Doctor Koster initially uses his position to protect a young resistance fighter shot by the Nazis.

Miracle at midnight

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. While attempting to board a plane back to the United States with his girlfriend, Billy is arrested by Turkish police on high alert for fear of terrorist attacks.

He is strip-searched, photographed, and questioned. After a while, a shadowy American, who is never named but is nicknamed "Tex" by Billy for his thick Texan accent, arrives, takes Billy to a police station, and translates Billy's English for one of the detectives.

Billy says that he bought the hashish from a taxicab driver and offers to help the police track him down in exchange for his release. Billy goes with the police to a nearby market and points out the cab driver, but when they go to arrest the cabbie, it becomes apparent that the police have no intention of keeping their end of the deal with Billy.

He sees an opportunity and makes a run for it, only to get cornered and recaptured by the mysterious American. During his first night in holding at a local jail, a freezing-cold Billy sneaks out of his cell and steals a blanket.

Later that night, he is rousted from his cell and brutally beaten by chief guard Hamidou for the theft. Jimmy tells Billy that the prison is a dangerous place for foreigners like them and that no one can be trusted, even young children.

Billy meets his father along with a US representative and a Turkish lawyer to discuss what will happen to him. Billy is sent to trial for his case during which the angry prosecutor makes a case against him for drug smuggling.

The lead judge is sympathetic to Billy and gives him only a four-year sentence for drug possession. Billy and his father are horrified at the outcome, but their Turkish lawyer insists that it is a very good result. Jimmy tries to encourage Billy to become part of an escape attempt through the prison's tunnels.

Believing that he is to be released soon, Billy rebuffs Jimmy, who goes on to attempt an escape himself. Caught, he is brutally beaten.

Miracle at midnight

Then Billy finds out one day in that his sentence is overturned by the Turkish High Court in Ankara after an appeal by the prosecution. The prosecutor originally wished to have him found guilty of smuggling and not the lesser charge of possession.

He is shocked to find out that he now has to serve 30 years for his crime. Billy goes along with a prison break that Jimmy has masterminded. Billy, Jimmy, and Max try to escape through the catacombs below the prison, but their plans are revealed to the prison authorities by fellow-prisoner Rifki.I have always been fascinated by the role of Denmark's people during World War II, (how a country fought together for the common right to live and for decency).

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