Why females join gangs

For some it is even a family tradition. None of these reasons are good reasons to belong to a gang. Most likely, you will increase your chances of being injured or killed.

Why females join gangs

Proudly created with Wix. Why women join violent gangs in Central America? May 14, Carlos Munoz Burgos Like with terrorist organizations, women join gangs for the same reasons as men.

In previous posts, I discussed how there is not a terrorist profile and that people from all walks of life can become radicalized.

Why females join gangs

In the case of violent gangs in Central America, the profile is usually that of a young male who lives in a marginalized Why females join gangs with gang presence, and who has or is exposed to multiple risk factors at the different levels of the socioecological model of human development.

A main difference between violent gangs and terror groups is that people do not join the former due to ideological or religious beliefs. In anda team from Interpeace Central America interviewed active and former women gang members in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to understand Why females join gangs women join these groups.

The reasons cited included the need for belonging, the search for protection and affection, economic opportunities, and the desire for recognition, among others. The need for an identity and belonging to a group was found to be a predominant risk factor in both men and women.

These risk factors are worsened or enabled by other social and family risk factors, such as lack of economic opportunities, dysfunctional families, or lack of parental supervision.

In a previous post, I discussed how women, who want to join a terrorist group that is mainly conformed by men and that is not inclusive of women for ideological, societal, or misguided religious views, gain access to it through a man they know.

However, when these terror groups are starting to collapse, they are desperate for people and start recruiting women. Also, some terror groups force women to join them to play what they describe as support or secondary roles.

In the case of gangs, it is not easy for women to join them either. Women have three options if they want to join a gang, and these include: Not all options are the same. Women who withstand the beating are respected by gang members and have a voice in the gang when decisions are made.

Women who join the gang through the second option are not respected or valued by other male or female gang members. Women who join gangs through the third option are usually the most respected because they are girlfriends of gang leaders.

Gang leaders usually like women outside the gang who are very young, between 13 and 15 years of age.

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Unfortunately, this leads to many teen pregnancies. Women gangsters can only find a partner within their gangs because gangs prohibit them from having a relationship outside of it.

In a gang, women need to prove their loyalty more than men. If women if found to be disloyal to the gang or to a gang member they are killed.

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On the other hand, men who have affairs with many women are seen as powerful and are respected by other gang members. A former gang member said that she had to do drugs, fight, and transport drugs to be respected by her peers.

This made her become a cocaine addict. Violent gangs in Central America operate under the same patriarchal norms of the societies they are a part of. As is the case with terrorist groups, women are not perceived as a threat by society or law enforcement, so gangs use this to their advantage.

In robberies and assaults, women are the ones who carry guns because they are less likely to be stopped and searched by law enforcement. Women also work as informants for kidnappings and extortions, and are able to enter prisons.

There, they are part of gang drug businesses, and bring money and drugs in and out of these places. Although not at a great scale, women are starting to commit more murders according to police departments of the three Northern Triangle countries. As for men, it is very difficult for women to leave a gang.

The price for leaving a gang is death. One of the accepted reasons for leaving a gang is becoming an active member of a church. Women usually want to leave a gang when they are pregnant because they do not want their children to be part of the gang world. However, this is not an accepted reason for leaving the gang, and gang members are usually supportive of pregnant women.

Widows and their children also receive economic support from the gang, creating a dependence relationship and a never-ending cycle of gang affiliation for women and their children. There are similarities and differences between gang- and terror-group-joining.

To prevent women from joining these groups and committing violent acts, women must be seen a possible perpetrators of violence too.

The Vicious Cycle

In the case of gangs, reentry into society is very difficult for women.Many members join the gang at a young age because they think it will help them look tougher and get protect them from bullies. Most people who join gang are often live in poverty areas that are surrounded by other gangs in the neighborhood.

Since research has only recently begun on the topic of females and gangs, it is important to investigate the involvement of females in gangs through discussion of the influences to join, gang-related crimes committed, and victimization risks incurred because of gang participation.

there are many reasons why women join gang but just ask your self why do guys join gangs? but some reasons why ‘women’ join gangs is well they want to be kool, they actually have that bad of lives, or they get mixed into something that they shouldn’t have.

but why does any one join a gang seriously?? Aboriginal Women and Gangs, an Issue Paper By the Native Women’s Association of Canada, June 2 experiencing physical or sexual abuse, or experiencing discrimination or.

Conclusion. Understanding why some young people join gangs while others do not is key to effective prevention efforts. Current research suggests the need to address specific risk factors that lead youth to violence and gangs. Explain how gangs vary and discuss some of the prominent gangs throughout the United States.

Explain why and how females join gangs. Explain why males join gangs.

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